Kappa Glamma Vino, wine with a charitable cause

Hello my name is Cathy Carroll the owner of Kappa Glamma Vino. I have been an at home Mom for 8 years. The idea of Kappa Glamma Vino was brought about with my best friend, drinking wine of course!  As time unfolded, my “Wine Times” with family and friends encouraged me to take hold of my future in new and exciting ways. I launched Kappa Glamma Vino in 2016 with the premise of making a difference. I wanted to involve myself with charities for the pure purpose of paying it forward. I have combined KGV and OneHope Wines for this very reason. Making Kappa Glamma Vino real has shown me that yes, I can captivate and empower other women to do the same. I want to thank each and every one of you that visits my web page and encourage you to check out our store for new products as well as leaving your email so we can contact you with new arrivals and upcoming events.

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